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University of North Korean Studies


Society, Culture and Media

This major considers a wide array of perspectives on the socio-cultural and media aspects of North Korea. It encompasses both micro and macro approaches on the subject, examining the psyche of North Korean people and family structure, in addition to examining the characteristics of the North Korean social system and its process of change and development. Other subjects of research include the exploration of cultural art, including literature, music, art, live performances, and movies, together with the fundamental theories of North Korean culture and how it has changed over the years.

  • Prof.Sung Kyung Kim
  • e-mailksksocio@kyungnam.ac.kr
  • Tel02-3700-0755

Introduced major subjects

North Korean society and human right
Study on Socialist Systems in Transition
psychology of division and reconciliation
Everyday Culture of North Korea
Transformation of the North Korean Society
Special Lecture on North Korean Culture
Culture on North Korea
North Korean Familes and Women
Theory of North Korea Society
Study of North Korean Film
Globalization and North Korea
Heart and Emotion of the North Korean
North Korean fiction and Heart of the North Korean people
North Korea and migration
North Korean Assistance and North Korean Society
Study of the North Korean Defectors
Cultural Theory and Methodology
Special Topics: The North Korean Society1
Special Topics: The North Korean Society2
Research on North Korean Cities