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University of North Korean Studies



Students wishing to study abroad must first receive a university admission letter and prepare the necessary documents for entry into Korea. You must then obtain a visa from a Korean embassy or consulate in your country of residence. Foreign students who will pursue a standard degree must receive a D-2 visa.

To apply for a student visa (D-2), you will need the following items:


1) Visa application form, copy of passport, 1 passport photo (taken within the last six months)

2) Copy of Business Registration Certificate (or distinct number certificate) of a respective academic institution

3) Standard Acceptance Letter (issued by the president of the university)

4) Documents proving your family relations (only needed when submitting documents such as certificate of your parent’s bank balance)

5) Documents for proving your highest level of education

6) Proof of financial ability(Sufficient funds to support yourself for one year of tuition and living expenses)

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