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University of North Korean Studies


Ph.D. Program

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.) in North Korean Studies (major of specialization will be designated)

Course of Study: 2 and a half years(5 semesters)

Course Credits: Required 36 credits

Semester 1 2 3 4 5
credits 9 9 9 9 Thesis writing


Required credits for Major of Specialization:

  • Out of 6 majors of specialization, must take at least 3 subjects (9 credits) from the major category to fulfill the requirement as a major of specialization


Each course is marked with a major code:

  • Politics and Unification (PU); Law and Administration (LA); Military and Security (MS); Economics and IT (EI); Society, Culture and Media (SC); Unification Education (UE)


Examination Qualifications Subject of Examination
Foreign Language Exam Students who earned 9 credits or more (eligible from second semester) Foreign language other than their native tongue (select one from Korean, Japanese, Chinese or Russian)
Comprehensive(Major) Exam Students who successfully completed 4 semesters and have earned 27 credits or more Major subject, Major subject other than their major(Select)

*Students may retake the exam until they pass all subjects


Application Mid-April for Spring Semester; Mid-October for Fall Semester
Eligibility Students who enrolled in more than four (5) semesters and have earned more than 36 credits
With a grade point average of more than 3.0
Students who passed both foreign language and comprehensive exams
A student who has completed twice thesis guidance class
Students who did not exceed three (5) year limit of submitting thesis since completion of courses


※ Another detailed academic schedules : Refer to Academic Calendar