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University of North Korean Studies


About INKS

The Simyeon Institute for North Korean Studies (INKS) is a humanities and social sciences research institution established at UNKS to promote a fresh approach to this growing field of study. Originally established in 2012 as the Institute for the Study of North Korean Life to advance research in North Korean society and everyday life of North Korean people, the institute was restructured in 2016 as the Simyeon Institute for North Korean Studies to further expand the boundaries of its research areas. By developing relevant content and agenda, and introducing modern theories and methods, INKS continues to play a leading role in the future of North Korean studies.


The INKS’s primary activities and programs seek to :
  • Upgrade research and education of North Korean studies and support educators and researchers of North Korean issues
  • Engage in a variety of academic and research activities, including establishment of database of literature and interview materials and conduct research projects on issues concerning North Korea and unification
  • Encourage publications in the field of North Korean and unification studies and promote interdisciplinary research from diverse academic disciplines
  • Establish networks with various academic and civic organizations


INKS currently publishes a number or academic books, monographs, and periodicals including the Review of North Korean Studies, an academic journal dedicated to the research of North Korea. The journal invites contributions from scholars of various backgrounds in order to promote rich and innovative analysis from political, economic, social, cultural, military, and historical perspectives in the hope of encouraging diversity that can contribute to the advancement of research in Korean unification and North Korean studies.