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University of North Korean Studies

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The School for Peace · Reconciliation 

and Cooperation · Unification

We graciously welcome everyone visiting the University
of North Korean Studies (UNKS)


The University of North Korean Studies is the world’s only professional graduate school specializing in the study of North Korea and Korean unification. The faculty consists of top-level professors of politics, economics, sociology, law, military science, pedagogy, and more. We cultivate the talent within people who come to us from various backgrounds such as the fields of journalism, business, and education, as well as from government agencies, religious organizations, NGOs, and so forth.

The University of North Korean Studies has grown out of the roots of what are the Department of North Korean Studies, the Institute for Far Eastern Studies (IFES), and Graduate School of Public Administration of Kyungnam University. Our origins lie within Kyungnam University. We strive to develop new research and an educational model that combines IFES research and UNKS education.

The University of North Korean Studies offers master’s and doctorate programs in six major fields: politics and unification; law and administration; military security; economics and information technology; society, culture and media; and unification education studies. We also offer special courses within our non-degree program, the Leaders Program for Unification Future. Our affiliated Simyeon Institute for North Korean Studies strives to develop research agenda that can lead to positive developments in relations between the two Koreas and peace on the Korean peninsula.

The Constitution of the Republic of Korea values peace. The priming water for overcoming the division of Korea is inter-Korean reconciliation and cooperation. The national aspiration is peaceful unification.

The University of North Korean Studies will continue to do its best to train talented individuals to work for peace, reconciliation and cooperation, and Korean unification.


Moo Jin Yang

The 9th President of the University of North Korean Studies