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University of North Korean Studies



The University of North Korean Studies (UNKS) provides a variety of financial aid to allow its students to pursue their academic goals, regardless of their economic circumstances. The faculty and staff are continuing to expand financial support for our students by increasing the total size of the financial aid budget, as well as developing new financial support programs.



Scholarship Type Conditions for Selection Amount Notes
President’s Scholarship Special-case students Variable based on case
Chairperson’s Scholarship Special-case students Variable based on case
Professionals For students engaged in careers related to an area of North Korea or unification and thoese who have a relevant area of expertise. Covers 30%-100% of tuition Require work experience.
Academic Excellence For students who demonstrate academic excellence and contribution to school activities.
※ In case of freshman, those with superior admissions results are eligible for scholarship.
Covers 30%-100% of tuition
Teaching Assistant Assistant to a professor Covers 30%-100% of tuition
International students For international students who are nominated by the Graduate School’s Scholarship Committee Covers 30%-100% of tuition

※ The scholarship amount is excludes the admission fee.