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University of North Korean Studies


Military and Security

Main topics of study include the Korean armistice and the security environment of the Korean peninsula, security policies of North and South Korea, North Korea’s military strategy and power (including the development of nuclear weapons), the military balance of the Korean peninsula, and the position and status of the Korean People’s Army. The study of these topics encourages the exploration of measures to cease hostilities between North and South Korea and to promote peace regime on the Korean peninsula.

  • Prof.Dong-Yup Kim
  • e-maildonykim@kyungnam.ac.kr
  • Tel 02-3700-0842

Introduced major subjects

Special Seminar on North and South Korean Military in the Information Age
Theory on Military of North Korea
Theory of Comparative Study on Military Affairs
Seminar in Arms Control and Disarmament
Readings of North Korean Texts in Military Affairs
Seminar on Defense Economics
Korean War Seminar
North Korea policy seminar
System Change and armed forces
Theory and practice of alliance and military security
Military Innovation:History and the Future
International relations and the Korean Peninsula security
Security Policies of the North and South Korea
War and Peace