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University of North Korean Studies


Law and Administration

Through the systematic research of North Korean law and administration system, this course seeks to raise understanding of North Korean governance structure and the lives of its people. The course will go beyond the formal system of law statutes to consider how these laws actually operate in reality. The essential core of this course includes the influence of current laws and administrative practices on the change we see in the present North Korea and be able to predict changes that may take place in the future.

  • Prof.Jong Dae Shin
  • e-mailshinjd@kyungnam.ac.kr
  • Tel02-3700-0728

Introduced major subjects

North Korean law and Law sociology
The international community, Sanctions and Laws
North Korean Human Rights and Law
Inter-Korean Relations and International Laws
Social Changes in North Korea and Law
Seminar on the North Korean Law
Gaeseong Industrial Complex and Law
Special studies on the unified legislative system of Korea
Estate legislation Research of North Korea
Land system research in North Korea
Introduction to North Korea Law
Real Estate Law in North Korea and the Unification of South and North Korea
The peace regime and law of the Korean Peninsula
North Korea’s Foreign Investment Legislation Research
North Korean Law and South-North Economic Cooperation
Regime Transformation and Legislative System