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University of North Korean Studies


Economic and Information Technology

Main topics of study include North Korean economy and the past, present and future of inter-Korean economic relations.
Specifically, through scholarly exploration of North Korea’s economic system and policy, industry, resources and land
development, energy, infrastructure, opening and reform, and inter-Korean economic cooperation and integration,
students gain a deeper understanding of the North Korean economy. The courses are designed to ultimately foster
professionals to work and contribute in the areas of inter Korean economic exchange, cooperation, and integration.

  • Prof.Kab-Woo Koo
  • e-mailkwkoo@kyungnam.ac.kr
  • Tel02-3700-0735

Introduced major subjects

Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation and Economic Integration
NorthIT Strategy in the SNS Era
Seminar on North Korean Economy
North Korean Development and International Cooperation
Comparative Economic Systems
North Korean Economy
Theory of North Korean Industries
North Korea’s economy marketization research
North Korea economic development project through nuclear power plant
Special lecture of North Korean economy
Comparative Economies of Socialism
study on economic transition
Interpreting North Korean Economic Records
Theory of Development Economics
Introduction to the Analysis of North Korean Economy
Theory of China’s Open Economic Reform
Development of Special Economic Zones in North Korea
Economic Theory of the Korean Peninsula
Special Lecture on Telecommunications
Theory of North Korean Land Development